photo of designer Emma-Louise

My story begins over 20 years ago, when I was searching for purpose and my place in this world. The internet was new and refreshing and exciting to me. It opened up my world to all these fabulous products that were available around the world - but not yet available in local shops. At the same time a rescue Border Collie came into my life and changed everything from that moment on. I wanted great collars and bandanas to match his personality but also hold up to his love of water, mud and fox poo! In the local shops nothing was available that suited him - online in other countries so many fascinating options. It caused me to look further into this and the idea, my small business was born. I learned how to make collars, I studied and put to test so many different fabrics and hardware - thanks so much to all those fabulous people who helped me test and gave me feedback!

Fast forward to the present and Harris and the Hound is the place where I now sell my designs of pet wear. My first dog Bouncer sadly left this world many years ago now. He was followed by Jack and Barney (in the top photo), who have now also joined him at rainbow Bridge.  Maya is my new rescue and is great for being a product tester and a reminder to down tools and get some fresh air!

I have come very far from those first designs that I tentatively put out onto the big wide web. The internet has also changed massively. However my values have never changed - and that is to create a product that looks great but also holds up to everyday wear and activity. Sustainability is incredibly important to me. Every collar is only made once it has been ordered. This cuts right down on waste (its incredible how many products are made, never sold, and end up in land waste!) In fact we have zero waste in the production of our products. Any off cuts from the material are used up in other products not a single bit goes in the bin. 

Every collar you buy has helped to support 5 small business - so thankyou so very much for choosing Harris and the Hound as the place to buy your pet collars. 

Emma-Louise - designer and founder of Harris and the Hound, Woof and Meow.